Friday, August 2, 2013

A, B, C, or D ?

That was what my wife responded with shortly after I asked her the inevitable question "What do you wanna do tonight?"

I chose "C" ... which led to a viewing of probably my favorite romantic comedy of all time: Two Weeks Notice.  The movie stars Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock, and their chemistry throughout the film is just so enjoyable.  But the best part are Hugh Grants' character's lines.  His character is unintentonally pompous but is also so witty with such a dry sense of humor that I just love hearing his commentary on the different situations he finds himself in.  The BEST example of his character and his BEST line in the movie is depicted in the image below.

After a challenging day for both Karen and I, this old favorite movie ended up being just the right medicine for easing away tension and stress.
And the Song Of The Day is from the soundtrack to that movie.

"Love Is A Beautiful Thing" by the amazing Al Green seems as though it was written specifically for this film.  The lyrics, the catchy rhythm, and even the video itself speak of the power that love has to change everything.  I hope you enjoy it as much as Al himself seems to be enjoying it in the video!


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  1. I like that movie too, for the same reasons! Wish I had it! Glad you enjoyed time together!