Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Am I An Autopilot ?

I believe we all experience times when we are more or less on autopilot mode: we are physically engaged in an activity but mentally we are existing somewhere else.

I know this happens most often for me on my commute to and from work, but it can often happen in conversations (especially with my kids if I don't actively try to pay attention to them) or when writing emails, etc.

But, in my unique way of looking at things, I started to realize that this word specifically identifies WHO I am multiple times each day.  Not in terms of my lack of active brain activity but in terms of actually piloting an automobile.

Think about it.

A pilot is someone who is directing the path of a vehicle.  Typically a plane, but technically you can "pilot" anything that can be moved.  And auto is just short for automobile.

So every time you drive a vehicle aren't you an "autopilot" ?!

Song Of The Day:
I am always willing to give someone a ride in my car, if they are willing to ride along and happen to be not far out of my planned driving route.  This happens often on Wednesday nights when I routinely give rides to scouts who live in the neighborhood.  I'm already driving myself and my son home so why not invite them to "Come Fly With Me" in my piloted auto.  Yeah, terrible tie in, but a great classic song by Frank Sinatra so just enjoy it.  :)


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