Sunday, August 25, 2013

Can I Overcome This Weak Grade ?

Below is the grade I received for my fantasy football draft.

The thing is ... this was the draft as completed by the computer-generated draft list.  I was unable to attend so the pre-programmed order of players guided my draft "choices."  This is the first time a computer has fully selected my fantasy team, which makes me wonder why we even use their suggestions in the first place.

If I trusted your analytics of player ranking and value, then why is my draft grade so low?  Shouldn't the draft grade for automated picks be better than a "C" ?  Or is that appropriate since "C" is supposed to suggest "average" ?  But then, does that mean it could be programmed to select a better lineup, but is instead dummied down to penalize people who miss the draft?

Regardless, I now begin the process of identifying which post-draft players to pick up.  I take solace in the fact that every year there are at least a handful of big point producers who were either late round pickups or claimed off waivers early in the season.  I don't care if I win the whole league, but not making the playoffs (after coming in 3rd last year) would be a big disappointment.

Song Of The Day:
I remember that the video for Dire Straits' hit song "Walk Of Life" was my first introduction to the concept of a football highlights video.  Long before ESPN and Sportscenter had theip Top Plays of the day and even longer before YouTube highlight packages, we were left to appreciate the great game of American football through compilation videos that were specially made, usually for other purposes.  I always remember this video when football season is upon us.


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