Thursday, August 22, 2013

How Is It "Dutch" ?

In light of my recent posts taking on a very "attack the English language" tone, I am avoiding the opportunity here to go into a diatribe about our misuse of the word "dutch" in several applications (such as "going dutch").  Instead, this post is asking an honest question about my chocolate milk.

As you can see in the photo on the left, my recent chocolate milk purchase is clearly marked as not being your average chocolate milk, but instead is a special DUTCH kind of chocolate milk.  This made me think about the recent craze over GREEK yogurt.  So I began assuming there must be some kind of unique quality to this common American beverage.

In my research, I became disappointed when I could find no clear explanation on how this particular chocolate milk was designated as "Dutch."  It does not come from cows who speak (or "moo" in) Dutch.  It is not made with chocolate syrup or powder manufactured in Holland.  In fact, there is no tie in with the language, culture, or geographic location of anything Dutch.

That said, the chocolate milk was very delicious.

Maybe that's why it bothered me to find out that there is no easy explanation for why it was so tasty (other than the listing of ingredients, which clearly suggest the swet and sugary content is much, MUCH higher than "regular" chocolate milk).

Song Of the Day:
The Vengaboys were also not Dutch but their producers were, so their familiar tune "We Like To Party" is the song for today.  You will recognize the song but that is not because it was popular on the radio, instead you can probably picture an older man dancing to the song in ads for Six Flags.  So if you like to party with chocolate milk, make sure it's DUTCH !!!  :)


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