Friday, August 16, 2013

Early Bedtime ?

This evening I am going to bed early.  Like really early.  Like right after writing this post early.  Yeah, check that time and you'll see I'm talking about before 8:00pm.

This is, of course, a rarity for me, but this is NOT the first time I have prescribed an early bedtime for myself.  Every so often, it becomes evident that my body and brain need a reboot of sorts.  I am hopeful that catching this feeling now and forcing myself to go to sleep when I'm truly tired, will help me avoid the typical migraine that ensues when my brain and body need a reboot.

I suppose only time will tell, but at this moment I am ready to sleep.  I know my wife and I send our kids to bed early when they seem to need it (see: extra grumpy, quick to fight with their siblings, or starting to fall asleep at dinner).  Almost always this works very well and the next day is much better for everyone involved.  I am hoping the same logic applies for me.

Good night!

Song Of The Day:
Because an early bedtime doesn't have to be just for kids, I think lullabies should have to be either.  So Billy Joel can sing me to sleep tonight with his tune "Lullaby" even though it's really not for me.
I also love the song "Lullaby" by my cousin's a capella group Eclipse, and listening to it is a relaxing way to head to sleep.


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