Monday, April 1, 2013

Um ... What Happened To My iPad ?

I considered NOT posting this, but I realize that I need to share my frustration to be able to move past it and truly let go.

This evening, while unloading the van from our 10-day cross country trip, someone dropped my iPad on the concrete and ... of course ... the glass cracked all across the screen.

This is the SECOND iPad in the Case household (out of 2 total) that has now been broken ... all in the past month!

I am specifically not mentioning who dropped it, because I know they already feel terrible about it.  They apologized profusely to me and I have frankly forgiven them.  It was an accident.  They have learned (I sure hope so) their lesson.  And it is just a material thing that can be fixed, replaced, or just lived without.

But I'm still very angry about it.

In our rush to do things in this life (especially this day and age of instant everything), we often overlook the cost behind our choices.  We get complacent with thoughts of "Well that could never happen to ME" and the like.  But it does happen.  And it can or will happen to you.  So perhaps we should slow down, not feel guilty about accomplishing less than we think we can, and take precautions when handling things that are of value to other people.  I think that is a worthy lesson to learn from this experience.  It will be the silver lining on my very dark anger cloud, which hopefully soon will give way to sunny skies and maybe a beautiful rainbow.

Song Of The Day:
I'm thinking "I Just Wanna Be Mad (for a while)" by Terri Clark is a good song for today's post.  I know the hope is that the anger disappears, but I think it is okay to just be mad for a little while.  There is no connection between the lyrics in the song and my need to be mad about the damaged iPad so don't look for some hidden meaning or anything.  :)


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