Monday, April 29, 2013

Can Someone Explain This To Me ?

Two recent arguments seem to be resurfacing with some regularity on Facebook posts and in commentary around the proverbial water cooler:
tighter gun control legislation and drug testing for welfare recipients.

Here's my issue in as brief a form as I can outline it:
 - How is it logical to want to increase legislation around the procurement of firearms, etc. ... but argue against increased legislation around the receiving of support from the government?

I actually have some friends whose comments suggest that they believe the government should restrict firearms, but loudly oppose the government having the right to test for drugs from welfare recipients.  This just does not seem logical at all to me and I am seriously asking someone smart to explain it to me.

Let me explain a little bit more by asking a few more questions.

These gun owners, are they getting these guns or clips or magazines for free?  Or are they paying for them with their own money?  (Or at least the same 'borrowed' money that we ALL use when we charge items on credit)

These welfare recipients, are they paying for this welfare support in some way that I am unaware of?  Just what is so unfair about testing for illegal drugs?

It just seems odd that a person wanting to spend their own money should be restricted in that desire ... but someone who is getting "free money" has the right to be offended by the giver of the free money, when that giver requires that the receiver prove their worthiness of the gift by demonstrating that they are not using the money for things like illegal drugs.

It reminds me of some of the poor, unfortunate homeless people that I met in Los Angeles during my 2-year missionary service.  I felt (and still feel) terribly for those poor people.  Often they are just victims of rough circumstances and honestly are just down on their luck.  The way I distinguished that was to confirm what they actually were asking for in terms of a handout.  If they asked for "money for food" I would offer to buy them bread and some peanut butter and jelly.  Or sometimes a burger and fries from a nearby restaurant.  About half would say "nevermind" and walk away, while the others would gladly accept my offer.  In a small sense, that is how I felt better about helping some folks and not feel guilty about not helping those who walked away.

I'd be very interested to talk to you if you can help me see things from a different perspective.  My tone might not sound "open" but I assure you that any dialogue on the subject would be a worthwhile endeavor.

Song Of The Day:
Please do not mistake the title of today's song as being my opinion on welfare ... it is NOT.  But it does tie in with the blog post subject, so ...
"Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits is the song of the day.  I think we all dream of living an easier life where money is no object, but the reality is that hard work most often precedes monetary gain.


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