Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Took Us So Long ?

I have no idea why we haven't bought new towels for us (Karen and I) for several years now ... but these new ones are soooooooo nice!

Our new towels.  They're PURPLE !!!

What I think I am most excited about is that we are going to actually update our color scheme and bedding and drapes, etc. in our master bedroom.  After some discussion on the topic, Karen and I agreed that we deserve to actually have a sort of theme for our master suite (bedroom, bathroom, etc.)  It is fitting that (with our 15th anniversary coming up) we have finally agreed to turn our master suite into a real sanctuary from the rest of our living space in our home.  We've decided on paint colors and Karen is planning to customer make our window coverings.  We'll search online and in stores for the right tint of purple for our bedset and hopefully have it all done by the end of the year (that might seem like a long time but that's pretty quick turnaround for us on this kind of thing).

Song Of The Day:
The artist formerly known as Prince (and now known by that name again I think) is NOT the inspiration for our color scheme decision ... but ... it would seem like sacriledge not to make his tune "Purple Rain" the song for this post.  :)


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