Thursday, April 18, 2013

How Can I Reduce My Stress ?

We all have stress in our lives.  I've heard it said that 'when we run out of stress we die' so I would argue that there is some benefit to having some stress each day.  But how much stress we have and how much stress we need to have will change over time.

To the question posed in the post title ... wouldn't it be great if we could reduce our stress by making a few small and simple changes?

I suggest that it is in very fact the small and simple decisions WE make each day that leads to our larger than preferred levels of stress.  And a simple way to change this would be to 'just say no.'  Not to drugs (although that's good advice too!) but to additional responsibilities and things to do.

Most people resist saying 'No' when asked for help, but the reasons why vary from person to person and are often situational.  Learning to say 'No' (especially to yourself) is an arguably simple task we can do which will greatly reduce our stress.

Think about it ... what stresses you most?  Completing commitments you have made at some previous point in time.  Little children don't have stress because they don't have any commitments.  You can't live like a child all the time (bills need to be paid, etc.) but you can limit your promises to complete tasks or assignments.  Pick the most important things and commit fully to those.  Then just say no to as many of the extra requests you receive.  Try it for a week.  You may be surprised how much your stress dissipates.

Song Of The Day:
Two versions of the same song here today so you have options and can listen to your favorite again and again.  "Brave" originally sung by Josh Groban has been covered in solo acapella fashion by the equally talented Peter Hollens.So my challenge to you is to be "Brave" this week and just say no to some unnecessary extra stressors this week.  You'll be glad you did!


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