Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Are You Trying To Make Me Drop My Change ?

I understand that many people use a debit or credit card when purchasing their meals at fast food places nowadays, but there are many of us who still primarily deal in cash and coins.

I am one of those who prefers to have the bills or change in my pocket and use real money to pay for things.  This is especially true when I'm getting lunch from any number of restaurants with a drive-thru window.  But this presents the same problem every single time ...

Without fail, the employee who hands me back my change places any coins on top of any bills being returned to me.  Why?!  Why do they do this?!

I have learned to be prepared for this and twist my body sideways so I can catch my change with two hands ... but there have been at least a half dozen times in my life when the coins have just rolled off the bills and onto the ground in the dirty drive-thru lane.

And those coins are gone once that happens because I'm not digging through squished gum blobs and soil-covered fries or straw wrappers for 17 cents!

Song Of The Day:
I promise this is a true story although it will sound made up.  The song today is "Christine" by OMD and that was the name of the last drive-thru employee who actually handed me my change first and then placed the bills in my hand.  I remembered her name because I thought that would be a good blog post idea and a great excuse to use this awesome song from my favorite musical group!


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