Saturday, April 6, 2013

Am I Missing Out On Something ?

Yesterday (4/5) was my buddy Greg's Bachelor Party.  That is the reason for this post being a day late.  We did not get back into town until around 1:30am.  The afternoon into the evening into the early morning was spent traveling to, hanging out in, and traveling home from Black Hawk and the casinos on that strip of land.

Myra holding Spencer
(this is her "cheese" look for pictures)
Being a good Christian man, Greg did NOT want anything like strippers or excessive drunkenness or crazy, stupid stuff like that.  I was (and am) very grateful for that because it meant I could still participate
(I am one of his groomsmen so I want to be part of the whole wedding experience).  Greg DID however want to go to Black Hawk for some gambling and fun ... "because I've never been there."  We groomsmen (and brothers of the bride) obliged his request.

Amid all the fun and silly spending of money, I found myself in a sort of daydream about what my life could have been like had I not met my wife, gotten married, had kids, and/or practiced the religious beliefs that I do.  No one can say how things would be different nor can you fairly judge how much joy and happiness you would have had in those different circumstances ... but ... I can safely say for myself that I do NOT feel like I am missing out on anything this life has to offer.  In those moments of daydream, I felt grateful for the way my life has gone and felt a little bad for people who were not as fortunate (not in a prideful "I'm better than you" way, but a "I wish you could experience the joy that I have in my life" kind of way).

All in all, it was a great bachelor party ... but I'm tired so it's off to bed (for a few hours anyway ... after all, there's a rehearsal in about 7 hours).  :)

Song Of The Day:
I actually do not believe there are ever "Unanswered Prayers" as Garth Brooks sings about in his popular song from years ago.  I believe ALL our prayers are answered ... just not with a "yes" or in the way we want them to be.  That said, I thought of this song on the long drive home last night ... 'and then and there I thanked the good Lord for the gifts in my life.'


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