Sunday, April 28, 2013

Are You Really That Unaware ?

Cell phone etiquette seems to be a big area of opportunity in the world today.

I refuse to believe that people are purposefully choosing to be that rude, but rather believe they must just not realize that what they are doing on or with their cell phones is completely inappropriate for their surroundings and circumstances.

Here are a few recent examples I have witnessed:
 - A woman answered her phone in the middle of an elementary school program ... and proceeded to have a not quiet at ALL conversation as the program proceeded on.  The conversation was about shoes ... I doubt it was "urgent" in any sense of the word.
 - A prospective employee received, responded to, and even chuckled out loud about text messages ... during the interview!  The laughter suggests that these were not "urgent" communications that required his immediate attention.
 - Another woman played back video she had just recorded for her grandson to watch during the next musical number being played by the band.  The grandson had been getting a drink of water and missed the recorded song.
 - A group of friends in a restaurant spent most of their mealtime together with their eyes focused on their own individual phones.  When the waiter stopped by to check in on the table he was ignored ... then a short while later one of the people at the table loudly complained that their waiter hadn't been by in like forever!
 - During a lesson at church, young men (teenagers) were playing games on their mobile devices instead of listening to the lesson ... and seemed bothered that the teacher kept asking them questions!

So consider this a gentle suggestion to think about your actions and reactions in public locations as related to your mobile devices.  If you don't catch this gentle hint, I am sure I will have your attention when I loudly and embarrasingly call you out for your inappropriate behavior the next time I see you make these mistakes.  :)

Song Of The Day:
The song "Coming Around Again" by Carly Simon is my odd choice for today's post.  The tie in may not be obvious for you, so let me explain my thought process.  In the lyrics of the song, the various characters described by the artist seem distracted or unaware of the way their actions or words are hurting those around them.  Don't be that guy or gal.  You're better than this!  :)


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