Friday, April 19, 2013

Are You Happy ?

One of my responsibilities at work is to prepare an agenda for and facilitate over a monthly meeting for my team.  Most of the time I enjoy putting together these meetings even though the agenda is often dictated to me by outside influences (new systems or procedures to roll out, etc.)  On occasion, I find myself in the unique situation where I get to outline an agenda entirely of my own devices.  I relish these opportunities and try to use them to help my team members think more broadly and deeply on any given subject, often related to life and not just limited to something in the work environment.

Today, among other things, I shared portions of an article I came across from LinkedIn.  The article was posted/written by a Jeff Haden (giving credit where credit is due, despite no knowlegde of who this person actually is)Upon first reading the ideas he outlined, I was taken back and willingly forced into a very introspective mode.  I found myself internally asking questions regarding my level of "happiness."  I was mostly pleased with my answers, as they reaffirmed my belief that I am genuinely happy the majority of the time.  The areas where I am not as happy, are things I can change by choosing the right "trade-offs" to give up.  This took away my feelings of helplessness and gave me a feeling of power over the direction in my life.

We are told to follow after the pursuit of happiness, but this isn't the same thing for all people.  I love this concept.  It removes the need for argument with anyone else over success.  The truth is, YOU determine how successful YOU are.  If that's more money, more time, enough flexibility in work hours to engage in your favorite hobby or activity, a bigger family, stronger relationship with your spouse, or even a clearer spiritual connection with your own 'supreme being' ... it doesn't matter if that makes someone else view you as successful or not.  They are not you.  They do not live with you 24/7.  So stop worrying if they approve.

If you're happy and you know it ... good!  :)

Song Of The Day:
I've already shared the music of Bobby McFerrin in this blog, but his greatest selling popular song will always be "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and that's the perfect message to go along with this post.  Enjoy!


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