Saturday, April 20, 2013

What Do You Call Those ?

I've often wondered if there is an actual name for those
wisps of snow that whip across the street
on occasion when the wind and type of snow conditions are just right.

We had some of these recently and I kept trying to come up with a name that sounded cool to describe them ... but I didn't like any of my ideas.  I honestly just wanted a cool name so that I could blog about them ... yet it looked as though I would have to give that idea up as a topic for a post (or just post about them without a cool name).

Then a tiny little miracle happened.

While driving home from scouts, *one of the scouts I was giving a ride home to, saw these wispy lines of snow on the road and just nonchalantly said "Hey, check out the cool snow snakes."

Snow snakes?

Yeah!  Snow Snakes!  That's what they are!  Boo yah!

*Shout out to Aaron (I always pronounce it Ay-Ay-Ron since watching this Key & Peele sketch called "Substitute Teacher" ) for solving my dilemma without even knowing he was doing so!

Song Of The Day:
I love it when an artist has fun with not just their song but with the music video they create to go along with it.  One of my favorites is "Call Me Al" by Paul Simon.  A simple video with a nice creative twist.  Having Chevy Chase act as the singer of the song (and play some instruments along the way) made me love the song even more.  To this day I can still picture his silly faces, not to mention the hilarity of his seemingly monstrous size as compared with the petite Paul Simon.
You can call him Al and now, you can call those wispy lines of snow ...

snow snakes!


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