Monday, April 15, 2013

Do You Believe In Evolution ?

Let me be very clear right up front ... this is NOT an argumentative post about "creationism" vs "evolution."  I am not intending in any way, shape, or form to draw any conclusion in that hot mess of a dispute.  Scientists and spiritual leaders can continue their verbal jarring on their own time.  I am sure both groups would argue that "believe" and "evolution" do not belong in the same sentence together.  I did that on purpose (if only to rile the two groups up a bit!)  :)

I am talking about the overall concept of evolution.  The process of people, the world, things in general, concepts, situations, etc. evolving and changing over time.

I believe that evolution occurs all around us.  We often call it by different names, but in my mind change that makes things more efficient, more effective, or better suited for the future qualifies as evolution.  Some things are only seen generationally, like my kids just having a more natural affinity towards technology.  While others are noticeable as you look at your own life, such as slowing down your driving speed in an area of town where you've been pulled over before.

I think evolution is a natural process and (warning for the scientists and spiritual scholars out there) it works in harmony with the theory of creationism.  As human beings we have capacity within ourselves to improve and grow and prepare future generations for greater success in their life on this earth.  Our ability to adapt is a key to successful survival (cue Darwin-ites and the "survival of the fittest" arguments), but this adaptation is often driven further forward by our internal desires to improve (cue creationist arguments over the soul and spirit and divine nature).

Bottom line from my perspective is this ... I know I am a Child of God and that, as such, I strive for improvements in who I am as a person and eternal soul.  I also know that I can evolve in this life and that evolution will help me be more successful and happy.

Song Of The Day:
I think there is just too much arguing in the world, especially around concepts that we actually generally agree on, but speak about in different ways.  "It's Alright" by 311 is my choice for a song that might encourage us to get along a bit better.  One lyric from the song states "A song, one song, could end a war, could end a war."  This concept might be a little far-fetched for some, but I actually believe we could evolve to a point where it could literally be true.


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