Monday, April 22, 2013

Golfing In The Snow ?!

A few Saturdays ago, my buddy Bill from work, instant messaged me to see when we might get out golfing this year.  I love to golf, but rarely actually get out on the links ... so I jumped at the chance and committed him to golfing today.

As the date drew nearer, the weather patterns began to call for wind and snow!  This is "par for the course" for Bill and I.  The last time we golfed together (which was two seasons ago), the round ended on the 11th hole because the freezing rain and sleet was too much "weather" to enjoy playing any more.

So this morning, right at 11:00am we teed off on the Plains course at Patty Jewett.  The weather was gorgeous!  Hardly any wind, but plenty of cloud cover (no sunburn = yay!)  Another of our co-workers, Nick, joined us (our 4th had to back out because the tee time was too late).  Through the first 9 holes, the weather got worse, but it was mostly just windy with about a 5 degree temperature drop.  I shot an honest 45, which is superb for me (especially considering this was my first round of the year), with one par and only one double bogey.

That's why, at the turn, we decided to go ahead and play another 9 holes.

You can barely tell, but the snow was
In hindsight, that was probably not a good idea.  But it was fun so who cares right?!  :)

The wind kicked up on the 12th hole ... and only slowed slightly when the snow started falling (around the 14th hole).  The snow wasn't that bad, but the wind was awful!  Finally, on the 18th tee box, the clouds seemed to part for a little while and we all played some terrific shots.  I birdied that last hole, while Bill and Nick each took a Par (very good for them considering their overall round scores).  I finished with a 53 on that back 9, but it included two pars and the aforementioned birdie.  Final score of 98, which I just had to remember since our scorecard blew away on the 13th hole!

All in all ... a great day of golfing, even with the snow and the wind!  I can't wait to get back out on the course again.

 Song Of The Day:
In honor of the stupidity of our happy little trio playing in the terrible weather (there was NO ONE on any of their courses when we finished) ... today's song is "I Wonder Why" by Curtis Stigers.  Although his voice does not seem to match his face at all, his inquiry about love could be translated to love of golfing.  Random thought ... his name sounds more like a WWF wrestler doesn't it?!


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  1. We had one of those experiences this season too. Since it was so beautiful in March we decided to try and plan an outing one weekend. Goes to show we chose the only weekend in March that would be freezing and start snowing. We only were able to do the front 9 because by that time we were frozen to the bone. After that experience my friends and I have been thinking of a Las Vegas golf vacation just to make up for the bad time out. Hopefully you'll be able to get out again this season!