Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How Much Am I Going To Regret This ?

This evening I followed through on a commitment I made, which was to play volleyball with some friends from church.  Truth be told, I have halfway committed to going to play for the past year now ... so it was long overdue for me to do this.

I was surprised at how quickly my (limited) skills came back.  My serve was pretty solid.  It's never been overpowering or anything, but I had several aces so that was nice.  We were only playing 3 on 3 so there was limited opportunity for spikes or blocks, but I had a few of each and that was nice too.  My mobility was much better than I hoped for, but that leads me to my blog post title question ... how bad am I going to hurt tomorrow because of this?  Two hours of volleyball isn't a ridiculous amount ... unless you haven't played for 2 years (like me).

Worse yet, I came home tired but not sleepy.  Compounding this by indulging in a large bowl of Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream (it's my favorite flavor by Blue Bell) as I checked Facebook and read some articles on USA Today.

So I write this blog post thinking about the ...

Song Of The Day:
I've always liked the music of the Plain White T's (since I first heard of them anyway).  They have many songs that are in my Top 100 most played ("1, 2, 3, 4" ... "Rhythm Of Love" ... etc.) so when I heard "Should've Gone To Bed" on the radio tonight, I was very pleased to find out that they are the ones who sing it.  That song is fitting for me almost every night.  I'm such a night owl and most of the time should just go to bed (even if I can't sleep for a while I would at least let my tired body rest).

Tell me the truth though ... can't you just hear a mash-up of this song and "22" by Taylor Swift?!  Here's the BEST version of that song by my cousin's group Eclipse.  A capella of course!


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