Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How Was Your High School Experience ?

Today at work, my boss' boss posed the round table "get to know you" question as this: name your favorite subject in high school.  As my peers shared their variety of preferred subject matter, it occurred to me that we all have had very different high school experiences.  Even if we went to the same school and graduated from the same class year, high school meant and means different things to each of us.

For some, high school is almost a pinnacle of life (up to that point anyway).  With lots of friends or great teachers who inspire the desire for higher learning, high school was a great experience for these folks.  Fond memories of parties or field trips or engaging classroom discussion quickly come to mind if you're one of these people.

For others, high school was more like a prison.  This could be because of bullying or challenging classwork on subjects that held no interest for you.  It could be because you felt better than these other high school "kids" and couldn't wait for the maturity of college.  Regardless as to why, high school doesn't hold many fond memories for this group of people.

And then there are ... therestofus.  This category is for everyone else, and it happens to be where I fall.  I have many fond reflections of high school, with an equal number of personally horrifying experiences that I would never wish to re-live again.  There were things I loved about the simplicity and free-spirited times of those years.  And there are memories of the boring monotony, endless homework, and awkward growing up experiences.

Overall, I think high school (and all of life too) is what you make of it.  But more on that with today's song ...

Song Of The Day:
It is only fitting to use "High School Never Ends" by Bowling For Soup as the song for this blog post.  I think for many, many people, life seems to just be a continuation of what high school was like.  But it doesn't have to be like that.  Life is what you make it and people only treat you as you allow them to treat you.  If you feel "stuck" in high school all over again, make a change.  Start small if you like, but focus on becoming the person you always wanted to be and you'll be amazed at how soon you will get there.


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