Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why Is Leaving Always So Hard ?

It is never easy to say goodbye when you love someone, even when you know the day is coming and you know you'll see them again (perhaps very soon).  There is just something troubling when you and they must separate for a time.  It never feels good.

For some people, this is evident even before the departure.  It manifests itself in anger, tears, or what I like to call 'trial separation' where you just subconsciously distance yourself from the other person for short periods of time.

Just some random photos of the kids from Fort Morgan

For others, it comes as a wave of emotion right as the separation begins to happen, like uncontrolled tears as you drive away or a pain deep in your gut when you realize someone is 'gone.'

And then there are people like me.  I do not experience either of the first two styles of dealing with separation, but it still affects me greatly in time.  Usually it comes just a little bit at a time as I begin to see things that remind me of the missing loved one.  A certain song on the radio makes me miss a friend.  Driving by someone's old house makes me long for them to be close once again.  I'll think of something funny to say and realize the person who would appreciate my humor the most isn't 'right there' any more to hear me say it.

No matter how you deal with saying goodbye, may I recommend that you remember to tell those you love that you love them.  Make it clear.  Make it known.  Leave no doubt about your concern for them.  And then look ahead to brighter days where you will be reunited once again.  I know I am looking forward to many happy reunions (in this life and in the eternities).

Song Of The Day:
It was many months ago when I heard the song "Daylight" by Maroon 5 on one of my many iPad radio apps.  I knew immediately that I would one day use it in a blog post, and this is the perfect post to use it in.  Although we left our dear friends the Amsdens in the afternevening today, I still knew the night before that in the next day we would "have to go" ... and I think we all tried to "hold each other so close" knowing our time together was drawing short.  Soon.  Together again soon.


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