Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Do You Name Your Car(s)?

I know that I am NOT the only person who names his vehicles.

The great Archie Andrews had "Betsy."

Michael Knight a.k.a. Knight Rider had "KITT."

So don't get all judgy and think I'm weird when I ask for your help on this.

What should we call our new 12-passenger van ?!

Here are some possible suggestions, but please comment below (or on the Facebook link) with your ideas:
 - The Stay Puft Marshmallow Van
 - Van Damme ... (hee hee)
 - Great White
 - The Beast
 - The Abominable SnowVAN
 - Cloud 9 ... (since it's a big, white cloud and we have 9 people in our family)

This is going to stress me out until we find the right name.  How are the kids going to know what car to 'go get in' if I can't refer to it properly?!

Song Of The Day:
I am fairly certain our big van will begin acting like Herbie if we don't pick the right name.  In that vein, "That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings will remain here until a suitable name is found!  :)


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