Monday, April 8, 2013

When Are They Due Back ?

In life you should always return what you've borrowed.  This can be very rewarding, especially if you happen to do it on time or early.

Our house sometimes becomes cluttered with things we have 'borrowed' from family and friends too.  There are DVDs for the kids (and sometimes for us parents).  There are clothes, workout programs, dishes, tools, games, books, and even furniture.  It can become an overwhelming eyesore, which is odd considering these are almost always things we've asked to borrow.
The payoff of more living space that appears out of nowhere from the chaos of clutter is always worth it.

To that end, I returned my tuxedo today.  I also returned several audiobooks to the library (without knowing they were actually due today). That was a great feeling! :)

Song Of The Day:
Although often short lived, I always get the feeling of being "Free" when I return items that I have borrowed.  I also get a good feeling listening to this song by the Zac Brown Band.  :)


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