Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's A Peep S'more ?

I'm sure pretty much everyone knows what s'mores are.  If not, educate yourself (like Smalls had to do in the Sandlot) before reading the rest of this post.

Okay ... so a standard s'more has two pieces of graham cracker with chocolate bar mushed between one or two marshmallows (personal preferences include many variations on this basic theme).

Well ... Peep S'mores simply replace the plain marshmallow with a roasted Peep.  And they are delicious!

Our friends, the Summers' family, introduced us to these a while back ... and we have passed on the tasty tradition to several other families along the way.

It might look burnt, but
trust me, that is just the
sugar crystallized.  Tasty!
There is just something that happens when the sugary surface of the Peep crystallizes over the coals of the camp fire ... it's like a creme brulee sort of juxtaposition between the gooey soft marshmallow in the center and the nearly rock-hard Peep shell on the outside.  Then when you smash that between two graham crackers around some chocolate (that should melt fully and quickly if you've done it right) ... oh it's just soooo good!

And as a side note you should know that I hate marshmallows.  I don't eat them plain.  I don't like them in my hot chocolate.  I often avoid candies that include marshmallow.  But I like s'mores ... and I LOVE Peep S'mores!

Song Of The Day:
Okay ... stick with me on this because it's a stretch for the song today.  I am going with "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" by my cousin's a capella group Eclipse.  This is a beautifully spiritual song, so please don't think I am being sacrilegious by using it in this context.  But Peeps are often shaped like birds and you have to keep your eye on them very closely while toasting them or they will fall off into the fire and your s'more will just never be the same.  :)


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