Monday, January 21, 2013

You Want Me To Punch You ?

That was the question my sweet wife asked me during a conversation we had this very morning.  And she meant it in the nicest possible way.  She was actually trying to help me and oddly enough, it was a considerate offer.
Allow me to elaborate ...

It all started this morning (very early for a non-school, non-work day I might add) when she and I plus Brooklyn, Savannah, and little Spencer went to the eye doctor.  Spencer just tagged along because at less than two months his eyes are of no real concern yet.

Long story as short as I can make it without leaving out important details, we all got our eyes dilated during our exams.  I don't know about you, but I HATE getting my eyes dilated.  But I almost never say "No" when they ask because it's like once every year or two so I figure I ought to do it.  Anyway, the worst part is that it always takes like 3-6 hours before you can see things up close again (and it's also super bright!)

A little while after we got home, something caused Karen to tear up (the emotions are always interesting for the first few months after a newborn baby).  After she wiped away the tears she commented that they seemed to help her see better (perhaps the saltiness of the tears affects the dilation?)  And when I looked at her to confirm she was seeing better she asked me the Blog Title Question.  Her thought was that maybe I'd cry if she punched me.  So it wasn't an angry offer, but one of love.  :)

I love that woman!

Song Of The Day:
So in honor of my awesome wife I wanted to share one of my favorite Colbie Caillat songs.  We saw her in concert a few years ago at the Colorado State Fair and it was a great date night!  This song was from her first album and never released as a single, but it always makes me think of my beautiful wife and how we are "Tailor Made" for each other.  I love you Pretty Lady!


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  1. so sweet!! you two are an inspiration!