Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Are You In Charge Here ?

That's the question I got asked tonight at church basketball.  And of course I answered in the affirmative ... and then asked how I could help.

Tonight marked the start of the first full Men's Church Basketball season that I am fully in charge of.  From creating the schedule to coordinating the permission to schedule the building for the games to updating and supervising rules changes and of course, keeping the coaches and other leaders in the league abreast of all of the above.

I have some great help from my buddy Mike Hepworth, who agreed to accept the assignment to be our basketball specialist.  Because of that, I only have to be at the church one night each week instead of two.  He helped out a lot last year ... and yet was still willing to serve this year to.  A big ol' southern "bless your heart" shout out to Mike!

The game was close.  My team (Oakwood) lost by 11, but we came back from some big deficits in the first half and actually cut the lead to 7 points with 3 minutes to play.  The other team (Meridian) shot the lights out and it seemed every oddbounce landed in one of their player's hands for an easy layup or ridiculous, but made, toss-up shot.  Fun was had by all.  Tempers didn't flare (except people like me who get mad at themselves for silly mistakes).

It's gonna be a good 8-week season!

BTW ... I still did my Plyometrics workout for P90X when I got home.  Tomorrow will prove just how bad an idea that was!

Song Of The Day:
Today's song is actually a very short song that you'll recognize if you lived in the 80's and remember when there was only ONE KIND of Gatorade.  I have no idea who originally sang "Be Like Mike" but this version linked above was remixed by MC2 and the video (if you watch it) contains Michael Jordan's best 10 dunks (you can argue against it ... but not with me ... I'm just sharing the song!)

**Astute readers may make the connection between this song and our basketball specialist.  :)

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