Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's a Fok-a-guyal ?

My apologies for what is by far my most crude-sounding blog post title in history!  It is NOT what you think!!!  But it is spelled phonetically so you can appreciate the laugh I had yesterday.

Myra, our 2 1/2 year old, is at that great age where her speech is just too funny not to share.  She also loves it whenever I get home from work.  She will come tearing through the house from wherever she is screaming "Daddy home!  Daddy home!"  Then when she sees me and I pick her up in a big ol' hug, she always points at me and says "Daddy!  You home!"

Yesterday, right after I set her down from our obligatory (and often quite lengthy) hug, she pointed to the wall and said "Dat a fok-a-guyal."

About 95% of the time I can understand what she's saying ... this was part of that other 5%  It was especially difficult considering she was just pointing at ... a wall.  So I asked her to say it again.  She moved closer to the wall and said "See?!  Dat a fok-a-guyal!"  I looked at her, still bewildered, and so she pointed to another spot on the wall and said "Dat him tay-ull.  See?!"


A "crocodile" !!!

There was a shadow being cast on the wall from some books and Karen's purse on the ledge between the hall and the dining room ... and sure enough, it actually had the rough shape of a crocodile.

I took video (on my phone) of her saying this ... but I'm not sure how to load it to this blog so I may just do a separate post on Facebook to share it.

Song Of The Day
In honor of my no-longer-baby-since-Spencer-is-here-now daughter Myra.  Tonight's song is "Baby" by Bobby McFerrin.  I loved this song even before I had my own kids, but now I sing along to it as a parent of 7 ... the music is still just as awesome, but now the words mean even more to me.

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  1. Myra is such a hoot!! I loved the reference to Bobby McFerrin's "Baby" - great song, and great connection with the post!