Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can We Stay Up Just A Little Longer ?

I normally detest this question.  It puts me in a very awkward position.  If I say yes, then I could be setting my kids up for failure (at least in terms of their sleep patterns and waking up on time, etc.)  If I say no, then I'm the "bad guy" who "never let's us do anything we ask!"

Yesterday evening it was a much easier situation where everyone wins.

My four daughters and their Aunt Jodie
(L-R: Myra, 2; Catalina, 5; Savannah, 7; Brooklyn, 9)
You see ... my oldest daughter Brooklyn asked the question because she had been reading scriptures to her younger sisters and wanted to finish the chapter they were on.
Cue the tears of joy.

Me:  "Yes.  Of course you can.  But after you finish that chapter you really need to go to bed."

My girls: "Thanks dad.  We love you."

Me:  "I love you too."
(long pause in the doorway)
"And I'm happy you like to read your scriptures."

Song Of The Day:
I don't listen to country music all the time, but there are some moments that are best captured with a twang-in-yer-voice kind of song.  "I Loved Her First" by Heartland is one of those songs and it was on my mind last night as I was leaving the Bunk House (that's what we call the huge room all four girls are sleeping in nowadays).  I know the day will come (not for at least a decade, but sooner than I'll ever truly feel ready for it) when I "give away" my daughters to their respective sweethearts.
For now, I'll cherish these special moments as long as I can.


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