Sunday, January 20, 2013

Looking For Some Good Leadership Advice ?

Although I don't read books as often as I used to (who has the time?!) my passion for reading as a means to absorb new material has never dissipated.

Through the years my tastes in reading material have evolved, often impacted by my current life situation.  Sometimes that has been family or relationship related, or driven by new priorities at work, church, or in my schooling.  The power of words lies not just in what is written, but in the way I can apply those thoughts to my own real and often very personal experiences.

One of my favorite blogs to read (as often as I can make time for it) is Leadership Freak by Dan Rockwell.  You might think the brevity of his posts would be my favorite thing about his blog, but you would only be partially correct.  My absolute favorite thing is that his words ALWAYS spur me on to higher thoughts about how I can be leading and serving others better.  And the application is NEVER limited to just work-related scenarios.  I have found his short essays to be helpful in almost every aspect of my life.  Very effective and efficient!

So check him out at the link above if you're looking for a daily dose of leadership advice.  I subscribed via email and even if it takes me a week or so to get around to reading his posts, they are always worth my while.

Song Of The Day:
This song might be a bit of a stretch for the title subject, but I believe it's applicable so open your mind here.  The song is "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood.  Here's how it applies (in my mind anyway): I believe leaders do what they do (lead) out of love for others.  They desire to help people, which leads them to a life of leadership.  So in that vein, bring me a higher love could be interpreted as a request for more love towards those we serve, which in turn will make us better leaders.

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  1. I like that concept of "higher thoughts" - very constructive! And I love the reference to "Higher Love" - it reminds me of the closing credits to "Big Business"!