Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So What's With The Beard?!

I told people it started with "No Shave November" but the truth is that it began a few weeks before that and I just used that yearly ritual as a cover.  Why?  No real reason.  Maybe it's a continuation of the superstitiousness.  Maybe I just wasn't ready to share the truth yet.  Maybe I wasn't really convinced about my reasons.  Maybe I was waiting to start my 2013 blog.

So here's the unimpressive and arguably silly reason behind my lack of shaving the beard for the past 3 months:
The Denver Broncos and their 11-game win streak.

After a 2-3 start I was very low on hope and expectations for my home team.  So, secretly, I made the decision to not shave my beard until the Broncos lost another game, in the ridiculous hopes that this would help turn the season around.  Who knew that they would then win-out in the regular season and earn home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and a first round bye?!

This is very exciting as a fan, but has now created a severe problem.  If the Broncos continue their dominance and go on to win the Super Bowl, I'm theoretically not going to shave until next season ... Basically 8 months from now!  I cannot bring myself to rooting against my team, but I really don't want to have a "wizard" beard all through this next summer!  :)

Song Of The Day:
Writing my other blog was too much work so instead I'll just be adding a song to each daily blog this year.  It will be a sort of theme song for that day ... mostly just a personal memory, but I think you'll enjoy the music nonetheless.

Today's song is Summertime by The Jamies.  You'll almost certainly recognize the chorus immediately, but likely have never heard this version unless you lived in the 1950's.

In honor of our good friends the Summers (Aaron, Britney and their kiddos) who stayed with us the last two days and rang in the new year with some quirky new traditions (epic hide-and-seek in the dark!)

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