Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Last Mountain Dews?

Tomorrow I begin my P90X workouts.  My apologies to any regular readers but you're gonna hear a lot about them in my blog until I quit or get bored writing about them.

Today's blog post is actually based on a line from the song of the day (linked below for your listening pleasure).  The line from the song states "Live a life less sedentary."  And that's another main reason for me to be doing this P90X challenge.

I will also be avoiding as much sugary stuff (the biggest being soda) as possible in the next 90 days too.  So today I enjoyed my last three Mountain Dews for a while.  They cannot co-exist with my workout goals!

Here's to a life less sedentary ... and (after, not during the workouts) a lot more healthy energy!

Song Of The Day:
I first heard the song "Life Less Ordinary" by Carbon Leaf on a new MP3 player I got several Christmases ago.  I deleted most of the free songs that were already loaded, but kept this one because I really like the tune, especially the "honey understand" refrain in the middle of the song right before the breakdown to simple guitar and drums.  Singing along every time.

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  1. If it'll give you any moral support ... I gave up carbonation in August last year! Yes, it has been 5 months since I've had one of my beloved Diet Mountain Dews ... hang in there buddy!