Friday, January 4, 2013

How Bad Do I Want Those Abs Back ?!

Oh boy.  This will be one of my greatest successes or most horrific failures (and I've had some reasonably bad mess-ups ... so that's saying something!)

This coming Monday, January 7th ... I will begin the Standard P90X program, which will run until the very day before one of my good buddies gets married (shout out to Greg and Erin!)

For those who haven't seen me in years, I'm not that bean-pole I used to be ... but I'm also not really overweight or out-of-shape either.  To be honest, this is probably about the best shape of my life I've ever been in ... but I can't see my abs any more and that bothers me enough to make a BIG commitment.

I believe I owe it to myself (at least once in my life) to seriously "work out" instead of just being active by playing basketball and wrestling with the kids and so on.  I have not really "lifted weights" since high school.  I can't tell you the last time I did a pull up or a sit-up.  (I've had some push-up wars with my older two sons so I'm doing all right in that regard).  I have talked about doing this since several years ago when I first hit my 30's ... but I wasn't really commited enough.  I think I am now.

I will commit to posting my before, during, and after pictures at one of the following checkpoints:
#1. Upon completion of the entire 90-day program.
#2. Within one week after I "give up"

Obviously, the second scenario above is a "scared straight" sort of motivator for me.  I have no desires at all to share a picture of myself in just shorts doing silly flexing poses.  The fear of having to share just those embarrasing "before" pictures should be enough motivation to keep #2 from ever happening.  I hope.  :(

Song Of The Day:
You would think that today's song would be related to exercising and being motivated and achieving a goal ... and you'd be right.  I have chosen a song I recently downloaded (after having loved it for over a year).  The song is "Faster" by Matt Nathanson.  It's not about exercise, but the lyrics could easily apply to the P90X workouts (from what I've previewed).  Let's do this!

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