Friday, January 18, 2013

How Cold Is Your Garage ?

I understand that a garage is not supposed to be the same temperature as the inside of your home, but shouldn't it be closer to that temperature than the temperature outside?
(For those keeping score at home I was able to successfully use the word "temperature" 3 times in that sentence.)

This is not a new occurrence.  The garage has been very cold each of the past two winters we have lived in the house.  This past summer I "finished" the west wall, complete with added insulation, sheetrock, mud and tape, and a coat of paint.  It didn't seem to help much with the temperature.

I know that the connection between the actual garage door and the frame around it is probably making the biggest difference in the temperature, but I am unsure of how to create a better seal.  Do I call a garage-door repairman?  Can this be a DIY thing?  Do I need to "finish" the small unfinished part of the walls that sit on either side of the garage door frame?

The biggest issue is this ... for most of the "fixes" I want to try, the temperature needs to be much warmer for new seals to stick, etc.  Obviously that doesn't ever really happen during the winter, but when the weather is warmer in the summer I just forget about the need to fix the seal!

Song Of The Day:
It is Friday ... and my buddy Mark at work quoted some of this song today ... and it does relate to "cold" ... I just feel like I have to explain why I'm including this in my blog ... yes, it is that bad!  The song is ... "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice ... I don't mind admitting that I knew all the words back in 8th grade ... I do mind admitting that I probably still remember them all.


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  1. Most houses don't come with an insulated garage door. If yours is not that large area of your garage that goes up and down may be a significant contributor to your loss of heat.