Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is The Baby Asleep ?

As the father of seven children (ranging from 13 years old down to less than two months old - at the time of this posting) I have plenty of stories about my kids and more than enough experiences that have been repeated time after time after time after time after ... well, you get the idea.

I only share a tiny fraction of these experiences with others for two main reasons:
 - First, they are personal and I hold many of them as too special to share.
 - Second, most people don't want to hear stories about other people's kids!

So this won't be a story, but rather my commentary on an experience that I think many parents have had.

Spencer Joseph (Baby #7) sleeping
I'm terrified of little babies.  Not like "Oooh that kid is scary" but more of a "I hope I don't break him/her by holding him wrong, etc."  That said, I love to look at them and hold them when they are sleeping or right near that point of falling asleep.  I think this is when they look the most peaceful and give us a glimpse of heaven.  Don't you agree ?

Song Of The Day:
It goes without saying that I love a capella music.  I have nothing against instruments, but there is something so exciting about hearing a song comprised of just the human voice.  I came across the Christian group A Capella and one of their songs is "Hush" which I love!  It makes me think of a litle child about to go to sleep ... and that always makes me happy!


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