Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are They Really Going ?

When you are close to someone and they leave, regardless of whether it is expected or unexpected, there will eventually be a time when you will realize how much you love that person.

Late this evening, just before my first ever Yoga X workout on P90X, I checked in on my kids in their rooms.  I found my oldest daughter Brooklyn wrapped in a blanket, sitting on top of her clothes dresser, and looking very much like she was about to cry.

I told her to climb into bed and then asked her what was the matter.  She started to cry and asked me the title question of this blog post.  She was referring to my parents, who are moving to Arizona, and plan to leave for about a month tomorrow morning.  I pulled her in for a big daddy hug and then we spent a few minutes huddled together while I comforted her with some words that I cannot recall exactly at this time.

It did not occur to me until halfway through my yoga workout (probably because my mind finally cleared up enough to be open to the idea), that my children have all been extremely blessed to always live in the same city as both of their sets of grandparents.  Only then did it hit me why my sweet daughter was so concerned.  She has never really experienced the "loss" of someone so close.  She has had some good friends move away, but virtually all of her extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.) are all here in Colorado Springs.  Even her Aunt Jodie, who has lived in California and now resides in Denver, has never really been very far away for very long periods of time.

So might I suggest you hug a loved one and tell them you love them.  Make time for your family, because even if they only move away it can still feel like they are gone.

Song Of The Day:
This experience with my daughter reminded me of a song from my youth.  The author of the song is Michael McLean, but I am not sure who the singer is.  The song is "Together Forever Someday" and can have many meanings.  Most often I heard it when someone had passed away, but the message works for any separation scenario.  I don't preach in this blog, but I do believe that Heavenly Father's Plan for us is to return to live with him and be reunited with our family and friends.  That thought has provided me an immense amount of support through trying times in life and I plan to share it with Brooklyn tomorrow morning, to help her find comfort in that eternal perspective.
**Sorry that the video for this song is just clips from the movie "The Lion King" ...
it was the best audio version of this song I could find on YouTube.

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