Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Kind Of Madness Is This ?!

Okay ... so maybe that title will motivate people to read this blog ... which is actually not about anything all that crazy.

Most often, my blog topics are the subject of something I've been thinking about for a while, or some event (importance in the grand scheme of things is not a prerequisite) that I just feel like venting about or commenting on.  I then think through the variety of different types of music and songs I like to listen to and pick a song to match that particular topic.

Today was different.

Today, I am writing my blog to match the song I wanted to share.  And it's a short commentary about politics.  It is madness (in my opinion) to try to solve problems by pointing a finger of blame
at any ONE person
(Bush or Obama),
(Gun Control or Abortion),
(Democrats or Republicans),
or philosophical opinion
(Evolution or Creationism).

Yet, this is what society (at least here in my neck of the United States) seems to favor over this one simple truth: nobody is perfect.

When we can agree that diversity of thought makes us stronger and that we can truly "agree to disagree" while still working well together on the things we DO agree on ... then we will be the nation our founding fathers envisioned when they first established my homeland!

Song Of The Day:
While driving home, thinking of what I wanted to post about today, I caught the last minute or so of today's song.  I had no idea who the artist was, nor did I know the song title.  But that's the magic of YouTube, coupled with my somewhat unique ability to pick out singers voices and the style of music of certain groups.

I was fairly certain (since they say the title so many times during the song) that the song title was "Madness" (or at least had that in the title) ... then the technotronic sounds and simple, harmonious melody reminded me of the group Muse.  Lo and behold, within about 30 seconds on YouTube, I was able to confirm that Madness is in fact the title of the song and Muse is the group that sings/plays it.

And that's the whole reason for my blog today.  Just to share this cool song I'd never heard before but really liked from the few notes I heard of it on my drive home.  And maybe vent a little about the madness of politics.  :)


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