Sunday, January 13, 2013

You Really Shaved It ?!

A curse upon all ye who wished for the Denver Broncos to lose yesterday, if only because you really wanted me to shave my awful (and magnificent) beard.
(I'm talking directly to YOU, Kevin and Amy Amsden!)  :)

So below are links to the videotaped demolition of my beloved Bronco Beard.

If you don't have time to watch the 3-4 minutes of videos, here are some pictures taken at various stages during the process.
Me personally?  I'd skip the videos.

The Final Bronco Beard
My version of "Mutton Chops"
How YOU Doin' ?! ... Ladies!

I hope you're happy!  (Sarcastic tone is hard to type!)

Song Of The Day
Today's song of the day is on the spiritual side and it's not related to the beard-shaving at all.  Instead it is related to a great musical number that was performed by Lou and Jared Burton in Oakwood Sacrament Meeting today.
They did not sing "All Creatures Of Our God And King" but this version by Eclipse (an a capella group my cousin James Case sings bass for) reminds me of the awesome sound and uplifting spirit their (Lou and Jared) singing of "Be Still My Soul" brought me today.


  1. Love the videos! **snicker**. There's that beautiful baby face we all know and love!

  2. For the record, the previous comment was from Amy ... not that I don't love your baby face, I do, I just want truth in advertising!

    Oh, and you're totally nuts ... and I love it!