Friday, January 11, 2013

Why Don't You Just Say What You Need ?

I think most of us have at least one relationship in our life in which we find it difficult to just be open, honest, and maybe a little selfish.

For some it is at work.  You just don't have the wherewithal to tell your boss (or your employees) what you need from them.

For some it is at school.  You just can't muster the courage to admit that you need help.  Deciding your major.  Understanding math or science.

For some it is with family.  You don't have the heart to possibly hurt your parent's or sibling's or kid's feelings.

For some it is with your spouse or significant other.  You worry that the relationship will suffer if you are too open and honest, or that the person you care about will no longer care for you in the same way.

I say ... let's all get over it!

Talk to your boss or co-workers about your goals.  Ask a counselor or teacher to recommend the right kind of supplemental schoolwork.  Tell you mom, dad, sister, brother, or child that you love them but that you need space, time, or whatever it is.

And by all means ... tell that loved one what you need in your relationship.  It is a recipe for sure-fire failure when we begin to expect others to just know what our needs are.  Just because you have to tell someone what you need doesn't mean they are only fulfilling that need because you told them to.  The key here is ... you're giving them options to love and support you.
If they do what you ask for, then they are choosing to show you how much they care.

Song Of The Day
In the spirit of this blog post, please listen to the song "Say" by John Mayer.  Love him, hate him, I don't care.  But you cannot deny the powerful words and message of this song!


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