Saturday, December 24, 2011

What is it about snow ?

I know I've blogged before about how much I love snow, but recently I've been thinking about the way snow affects many different things.  So here are my questions along those lines ...

What is it about snow that ...
 - Renders people completely unable to park properly? (at work I would bet that on "snow days" we fit half as many cars into twice as many available parking spaces ... and it's the same everywhere you go!)
 - Makes everything look like a Christmas Card? (old wooden fences, an open field full of weeds, broken down buildings, dirty sidewalks and streets ... they all look picturesque with an inch or two of snow on top of them.)
 - Motivates children to want to go outside instead of playing video games? (My kids have NEVER asked to go outside when it is cold or rainy or really hot ... but put some snow out there and it is almost impossible to keep them inside.)
 - Generates such goodwill in people? (they hold open doors for complete strangers and other acts of kindness and entertain conversations that are oddly pleasant when they might have yelled at you just minutes before when you "stole" their parking spot.)
 - Turns any night-time driving into a light-speed experience from Star Wars? (you know you've imagined your car is traveling in space when the wind is blowing those "snow stars" at your windshield!)
 - Creates a romantic evening out of a simple "stuck at home with a movie" situation? (we men would never get away with that idea without the snow's help ... but light a fire or some candles and cuddle up on the couch to some chick flick - with snow falling outside - and it's a miracle!)
 - Inspires adults to act like kids again? (how many adults actually hate sledding?!  they might pretend they do but once you're out there it is a blast no matter what age you are!  And building a snowman, or snow sculpture, is one of life's simple pleasures!)

Snow is AMAZING !!!


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  1. This was awesome. I loved reading it and it is so true! Now if we could all just have a cabin in the mountains and get "trapped" for a few days.