Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why do women make things so complicated ?

One of my teammates at work has been helping our team "Think Outside the Box" with creative activities and e-mails.  The picture you see to your left was part of one of those recent e-mails.

Of course, I find this more amusing and more of a "gender differences" example than of any creative thinking, but it was a great lead-in to a post I've been thinking about writing for a while.

Men and women are different.


But as a man, I (of course) believe that we men are "right" and you women "need to change."  (I have to clarify here that I don't really believe that, but for the intended humor of this post to have its full effect you'll have to pretend that I do think women are wrong ... all the time ... about EVERYTHING!)

I see that picture above and it makes me think:
 - Men make complicated things seem simple.  Yay!
 - Women make simple things complicated.  Boo!

I think about the general happiness of the opposite sex:
 - For men: if we have enough food, sports, and sex we're happy.
 - For women: there's not enough room in this post to outline the specific requirements that have to be met in the right timeframe and with the right meaning behind them and with the right people and in the proper amounts to guarantee (or even predict with a small degree of accuracy) happiness.

I hear communication breakdowns:
 - Men listen to what you say ... and that's about it.
 - Women listen to what they think you mean by what you said and they also listen to what you don't say but should have (or didn't ... and then they fret about why you didn't say what they thought you meant to say).
 - Men say what they think ... and that's about it.
 - Women say everything except what they think ... even when you ask a straightforward, direct, yes-or-no type of question.

I am convinced that it is easier to learn a second language (such as French or even Chinese) than to learn to speak "Women."
You want proof?!

Show me the Rosetta Stone language kit for male-female communication!

There is none ... because EVEN THEY CANNOT FIGURE IT OUT!  :)


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