Friday, December 2, 2011

What are the odds ?

I've been closing in on a milestone with my car for quite some time now.  I knew it was going to happen but I didn't know exactly when.  In the past few days I tried to calculate it so I could be sure to have a camera with me and capture the big moment.

I just never thought it would happen exactly when my car was pulled in and parked in our garage at home.  I have to guess that the odds of that just naturally happening are quite like that of winning the lottery.

So what was it?  Here's a picture so you can figure it out yourself:

Yep.  That's right.  Jazzmin finally hit 150,000 miles.  Right on the nose.  Right on my side of the garage.  No backing in and out or driving a short trip around the block to make it work out that way.  It just happened that way.  You might think it's pretty dull or not all that remarkable, but I thought it was blog worthy.

I'll keep you posted (pun intended) if and when she makes it to 200,000!


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