Saturday, December 31, 2011

You have HOW MANY kids ?!

I felt that it would be appropriate to make my last set of SIX "mini" blog posts all related to the same subject, while also being something I had a personal goal to write about this past year.  I found just such a topic about a week ago and have conducted enough research and observation to complete this "last leg" of my 2011 blog journey.

The subject: My 6 unique children

Blog # 360 - Who is Joshua Robert Case, Jr ?
Josh Jr (or Jah Coonah, according to Catalina) is my oldest son.  He is brilliant, and I'm not just saying that as a parent ... he really is!  Unfortunately, he faces the same challenges with his intellect that I once faced when I was younger and filled with such potential: he gets bored very easily.  I feel for him because, at 12 years old, he is beginning that journey from child to adolescent to adult ... and it is awkward!  He is handling it so much better than I did!  I am so proud of him and I need to tell him this more often.  He has been doing some baby-sitting (and not just for his siblings), which is not easy when you're in charge of people just a few years younger than you.  He has a very giving nature, even if it is masked by the desire to pull pranks on his siblings.  His skill at musical instruments is most impressive and is an inspiration for his younger siblings.  I guarantee that Josh Case 2.0 is a much better version (already) than Josh Case 1.0 ... and he has plenty of time for even better upgrades!

Blog # 361 - Have you seen my Benjamin Jerdon Case ?
Ben is awesome!  He has such a fun personality and desire to make everyone around him happy.  He is also a whole lot of emotion wrapped up in one medium-sized package.  When he does something wrong (even a tiny, innocent mistake) his head droops and his heart breaks.  I'd be very worried if not for the fact that a gentle hug or some rough-and-tumble wrestling and tickling completely reverses his mood.  Ben is also very smart, but he got my ADD and (bless his heart) his attention span is mind-bogglingly short.  I know I am too hard on him, with my expectations so high because I know what I've overcome with almost the same lack of ability to focus for very long.  He is going to be a tremendous young man!  He also has awesome hair!  :)

Blog # 362 - Brooklyn Rose Case, is she 8 or 16 ?
Oh my beautiful oldest princess!  She's called "Brook" by many of her friends and she is a heart-breaker already.  She is also already very mature for her age, but then she did start school much earlier than her older brothers because she made the cut-off for D-49.  Brooklyn is passionate and very emotional, but in a good way sometimes.  I love all of my kids' laughter, but it is when Brooklyn laughs herself almost sick that I feel like I have found a little piece of heaven.  I just hope she still loves me and listens to me in another 5-10 years.

Blog # 363 - Have you ever heard Savannah Joy Case ?
Odds are great that you haven't really ever heard Savannah ... for she is the very epitome of the word meek.  That is, unless you cross her.  She has a fiery temper, but it is almost never in defense of herself.  More often than not, she will "rise up" in defense of her siblings.  Of my four girls, Savannah is the one I think is most like her mother (my beautiful wife Karen).  She absolutely loves babies and playing house.  She is quick to go along with whatever anyone else wants to play and is painfully aware of how others are reacting to her.  She is quick to cry, but equally quick to smile.  She loves hugs and I love the way she wants to be near me whenever I am around.  She is an excellent example of unconditional love ... just like her mom!

Blog # 364 - Think you can keep up with Catalina Jacquelle Case ?
Well, you're wrong if you think that because no one can keep up with her.  She is a "speed demon" of ideas, and games to be invented, and pictures to be taken with the camera, and candy to be eaten, and tricks to be played, and books to be read, and on and on.  Cat is super smart, in the logical sort of way.  She is also the master of all facial expressions.  The best comedians can convey a message with just a raising of one eyebrow or crinkling of the nose ... they have nothing on Cat!  If creativity and curiousity and cuteness had one combined name, it would be Cat!

Blog # 365 - Is Myra Jasmine Case the last one ?
Immediately upon reading that Blog Post Title I know about a dozen people who are going to mistake this post as some sort of "announcement" about another kid being "on the way."  IT IS NOT!!  Consider the fact that she is the topic of this last post for me for 2011 and you'll get what I mean when I ask that question!
Myra is a little too young to define, but she is one thing for sure: fearless!  She climbs like a monkey, even after a few not-so-fun falls from places she should not have been able to get to.  She is also a momma's girl, which I know makes Karen very happy (especially if she ends up being our last child).  Myra is a redhead and her cheesy grin is already wrapping me around her little finger.  We're just not such good friends at 2:30am!  :)

So there you have it.  365 blog posts this year, albeit not exactly one-a-day as I had initially hoped for.  This was fun.  2012 will probably be closer to 52 posts (one a week) although my goal is more.  I will be posting a Daily Theme Song blog each day so be on the lookout for that if you love music like I do.  Thanks for reading along (even if it was only here and there).

Happy New Year !!!


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