Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When will it ever just STOP ?!

WARNING:  This is a semi-stupid, definitely embarrassing, crude, unnecessary blog post.
I can almost certainly guarantee you will wish you had not read this ... the only exception is if you can empathize with my plight because you are or know someone who suffers the same problem!

I'm ... in my mid-thirties ... and ... I still get pimples!

This is (of course) NOT ME or a "zit"
But my daughter, Catalina's, face is
perfect for capturing my reaction to
this revolting and unfair situation!

This is ridiculous!  It shouldn't be happening!  I'm not "going through puberty" any longer!  I'm not hitting the steroids!  I shower every day and wash my face regularly (after basketball and/or any other type of sweaty exercise)!
So why the acne?!  STILL?!
At this stage of my life ?!

Or were all those people just lying to me when I was a teenager (and in my early twenties) when they said I would "grow out of it" ?!
Were they trying to be nice, thinking perhaps that I wouldn't remember their names?!
And I'm coming after each one of you for an explanation!  This is a crock!

Oh sure, it's not like there are zits everywhere, and some of them are occasionally an "ingrown hair" ... but still ... when is it ever going to stop ?!

Right now I have a huge pimple on my forehead above my left eye.  I seriously thought about turning it into a huge scratch and blaming it on basketball (because those of you that see me regularly know I always have something cut or bruised or scraped up, etc. on my face, hands, arms, legs, etc. from that!)

I have more than enough gray hairs in my beard and hair (mostly right above the ears) to guarantee that I'm not a teenager anymore.  So why, WHY must I deal with acne at the same time I'm learning to cope with "old age" symptoms?!

It's ... just ... NOT ... FAIR !!!


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