Saturday, December 24, 2011

Does our Memory really get worse ?

Two brief thoughts here (well, brief for ME anyway):

First, I do not believe our memory gets worse as we get older.  Show me all your scientific studies, blah, blah, blah.  I think we have more to remember as we get older, so the percentage that we can recall off the top of our head lessens as we age and/or have more experiences.  So I refuse to feel "bad" if I begin forgetting more things as the years wear on ... because I'll also be remembering more things too!

Second, I believe that the more we take in, the harder it is to remember specifics about what we've read, heard, or seen.  One of my good friends recently told me that she "forgets" books and movies within a few months after having read or watched them.  But the part she is actually "forgetting" is that she is replacing the memories with new books and new movies, rather than just "losing" them.  At least that's what I believe.

So what say you, humble reader?  Do you think our memory gets worse over time?  Or do you agree with me that it probably actually gets better but it seems worse because of how much we "replace" with newer knowledge?


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  1. Definitely the replacement theory. Only so much room in the ole noggin, I say.