Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where did that come from ?

I have four daughters and they each provide me with many things to blog about on any given day. Here is a sampling of those kinds of experiences from just today:

On the drive to my in-law's house this evening, Brooklyn noticed that the lower limbs had been cut off of several pine trees in the public park near grandma and grandpa's house. She pointed this out to us by saying "Look Mommy and Daddy! The trees have the chicken pox!" Because they had dark trunks with white dots all over them.

Earlier while driving to church, Catalina told her siblings not to fight because "It's Jesus' birthday!" We didn't have the heart to correct her because it was so sweet and cute.

Myra was a hoot at church (although at the time I failed to see it as amusing). I watched her fight with a little kid-sized chair for 5 minutes. She turned it upside-down and then exerted what sounded like a tremendous amount of energy to get the ship righted again. She was so proud when she finally got it back up again.

And last but not least, here's a picture of something that Savannah (and Catalina too) have been doing in their room lately.
Yes, those ARE the blinds in their window and those are little house people toys that are resting on their prison-like wooden slat beds.
The girls were both VERY mad at me when I moved their "dolls" to close their blinds at bedtime.


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