Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two-a-Day Blogs ?

No one really cares except me.

But that's cool.

It's not their goal or personal challenge.

That's the great thing about personal goals ... they're personal!  If you achieve them, you get to claim all the glory (so to speak ... "Glory.  Party of ONE.  Your table is ready."  Not so impressive is it?!)  If you fail, you alone are disappointed.

Toward the end of last year I decided that I would do a variation of the 365 Day Blog challenge.  Two of my siblings, along with a variety of other family and friends who blog, had "taken up the challenge" to write ONE blog post each and every day for one full year.  Virtually all of them did this from some random date (May 11th, Sept 3rd, etc.) ... and I just found that kind of odd as a starting point.

So I decided that in 2011 ... I would write 365 Blog Posts.

I did not express this commitment in the blog itself.  I did not specify that there would be one-a-day.  I simply committed to myself that I'd try to keep up throughout the year and hopefully it would all work out.  Regular readers of this blog have suffered through several BLOG BLOW-OUTS wherein I posted as many as 14 blogs in a 3-day period.  To any who read those posts I say

I was fortunate to write the exact number of posts each month, with one exception (see: March), until last month where I came up a mere 3 posts short.  But I have no regrets about that.  I do, however, have a new stretch goal.  I plan to write TWO blog posts each day in December, which would actually put me well over the 365 posts I set out to do.

I have no shortage of topics to write about and will have ample amounts of photos to use to accomplish this task.  But I will face an even greater strain on my time (the holidays always do that to me) than ever before this year.  I am confident I will miss a few days here and there, which is why I believe I'll write two posts on New Year's Eve and they will be numbers 364 and 365.

Wish me luck!  :)


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