Sunday, December 4, 2011

How long can it really last ?

My history of being a fan of the Denver Broncos is long and would make for quite an interesting blog in itself. But that's not the point of this blog. It is just another interesting sidebar to why I am writing about this topic.

If you don't know the name "Tim Tebow" then I can save you some time and you can stop reading right now. You need to have at least a basic knowledge of football, the NFL, and the recent trend to pass-happy offenses that has been coming for well over 10 years now, otherwise this post will just not be of any value to you (kinda like most of my posts, but at least this time I'm telling you to skip it ahead of time).

Today, the Broncos (As a TEAM !!!) won their game against the Vikings in incredible, last-minute fashion (much like they have each of their past 4 games prior). They have now won their last 5 straight games and are ... 6-1 with Tebow as the starting QB (after going 1-4 to start the season with a different QB).
Every week they seem to find some magic play or have just the right kind of lucky break that allows them to squeeze out another narrow victory.  They do not dominate teams.  Tebow doesn't throw many passes (in one victory he only completed 2 of 8 that he attempted).  There is no logical reason why they should keep on winning.  There is a ridiculous amount of discussion on virtually every sports network or sports media related affiliate about Tebow and whether or not the Broncos can win with him at the helm.  My only issue with those that strongly say "No!" is ... thus far, they're the only ones who have been wrong!  Because they keep winning, despite his supposed inability to lead the team.

AFC WEST     W L T        STRK
Denver            7 5 0      Won 5
Oakland          7 5 0      Lost 1
Kansas City     5 7 0      Won 1
San Diego       4 7 0      Lost 6

I believe each victory is truly a TEAM winAnd that's why I'm rooting for Tebow and the 2011 Broncos.  Each week you can see a different player take the lead in making "the big play(s)" that bring a W instead of an L.  I'm a much bigger fan of a TEAM versus an individual who does most of the work and then is given (or claims) much of or all the credit.  I am getting tired of hearing Tebow say the same things at each press conference ("I'm just going to get better each day.  I'm going to do what they ask me to do.  I have a lot to learn but I promise to work hard.")  Blah, blah, blah.  I know you're trying to keep humble and level-headed, etc.  And I know the media isn't asking any "new" questions so you are justified in giving them the same answers.  Honestly, I'll listen to that kind of talk all the way into the Playoffs and the Super Bowl if the miracle continues.

As a fan, I hate the close games, but since we (when WE win, then I am part of the team) keep coming out on top I am inclined to just expect a win each and every week.  This year that's only logical for a Green Bay Packers fan.  But week after week, the TEAM of Broncos finds a way to come together and win.  I want to keep on believin' and just enjoy this ride (like the 2007 Colorado Rockies in MLB) but I know it will end in defeat at some point.  It has to.  Doesn't it?


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