Saturday, December 31, 2011

A "Six-Pack" of Blog Posts ?

That's right.  Here comes the second set of SIX blog posts.  You are indeed welcome for my decision to make them mini-blogs, and to put them in such an easy-to-read format.  :)

Blog # 354 - Do you like "Quotes" ?
Almost every day I send a "Quote of the Day" to my team at work.  I've used a variety of sources over the years and most in the team have enjoyed receiving them.  This got me to thinking about things that I have said often, which could eventually be quotes attributed to me.  I think that would be very cool ... to be "quoted" by other people.  What an awesome experience to be able to say "Yeah, I said that.  It was pretty profound wasn't it?!"  So here are three of my own "quotes" ... feel free to use them (and give me credit of course).  :)
 - Conflict never ends, but it can be resolved.
 - You can't do anything with nothing, but you can do a lot with a little.
 - Hope and despair are opposite sides of the same coin.

Blog # 355 - Well, What did you Expect ?
People sometimes misunderstand things, even when you are very clear about them.  White Elephant gifts around Christmastime are one of those commonly misconstrued situations.  In two recent settings (where the standard explanation of "White Elephant Gifts" had been clearly explained prior to the exchange) I saw people walk away from the experience feeling hurt, sad, upset, cheated, etc.  I am not intending to put those people down.  I understand what they are feeling and I genuinely feel sorrow for them ... but the logical side of my brain has to wonder what they were expecting?  If it was your first time, then I understand.  If not, despite my compassion toward you, ultimately you have no one to blame but yourself.  Sorry.

Blog # 356 - What's your Communication Style ?
I won't go into the specific details (because it might be an unknown and unintended copyright infringement), but at work we're beginning to use some software to help us assess our own (and our customer's) communication styles.  There are SIX categories, but only FOUR of them are predominant styles (the other two only make up about 2% of the population).  The FOUR predominant styles are: Emotions, Thoughts, Reactions, and Opinions.  The TWO less dominant styles are: Reflections and Actions.
I happen to be Thoughts, although I used to be Opinions (based on this survey you complete).  That makes a lot of sense to me because logic runs my life and I prefer to think things through before acting.  I also communicate in terms of "thoughts" much more than any of the other styles.

Blog # 357 - What is that in the Road ?
My wife will laugh at this but only because she has experienced it hundreds of times.  I love to run over things in the road!  Not animals or other living things mind you, but soda cans, tumbleweeds, paper bags, and especially snow and rain!  There's just something satisfying (to me personally anyway) about aiming your car at something in the road and hearing that "pffftt" as you crush it beneath the wheel.  My wife thinks I'm crazy (and she's probably at least partially right), but it is one of life's simple pleasures for me.

Blog # 358 - Wait, There's A Sportscenter App for the iPad ?
This post could have easily been called "Where have you been all my life?" because I have fallen in love with this app!  I stumbled across the app while checking out for some game scores.  The app allows you to select any number of sports teams that you want to "follow" and then it will capture Sportcenter videos and/or written recaps for anything related to those teams.  That alone is super cool, but it also has this alert feature which drops down a Final Score (or periodic updates if you want them more often) at the top of your iPad screen once the game has ended).
For years we've gone without cable or satellite TV and I always felt like I was missing out .. but NO MORE !!!  :)

Present wrapped by me
do NOT look like this!
 Blog # 359 - Who does the Wrapping at your house ?
Every year (especially around the holidays) there is always a crucial decision to be made about presents.  No, not what to get ... I'm talking about Who Wraps The Gifts ?!  In my house, it has almost always been me.  That's because I just love wrapping gifts!  There is something satisfying about covering a gift in wrapping paper.  I hate to have to use the "fancy" gift bag sort of wrapping.  I know some people love that, and it does have it's place.  But for me, I love the challenge of figuring out what sort of paper to use (we have at least a dozen different types for all occasions) and how to make it look the best (images on the paper centered on the gift, etc.)  I also get all too excited when the item to be wrapped is an odd shape and size, which will require some serious creativity to wrap properly.  I am still the undefeated champion!  :)

The last round of blog posts for the year is coming up ... see you soon ...


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