Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's the worst Fortune you've ever gotten ?

I was breezing through the mounds of work I had from over the weekend this morning and had the brilliant idea to take my wife out to chinese for lunch.  She had mentioned it in passing yesterday and I knew the rest of the week would not work to take her for her favorite cuisine.

So we met at New Panda (a restaurant up by Progressive where I work) and enjoyed a nice meal together.  The waiter (we always get the same one even though we only go there maybe twice a year) speaks in halting English, but he is very personable and amusing.  At the end of the meal he brought us our fortune cookies and bill.

We had Myra with us and another little girl (Hayden, age 3) that Karen has started watching (to make some "vacation money" for our family).  Hayden had enjoyed the peanuts that we had with our meal and so I tossed her a fortune cookie as a snack.  She immediately opened it and asked (in her own broken English) one of us to read it.  And this is what it said:

"If it seems like the powers of nature are against you today,
they probably are." (Emphasis added)


What kind of fortune is that?!

That's outrageous!

I was so glad it wasn't mine!  Poor little girl.  :)


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