Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why would they put it there ?!

It's been VERY cold lately (below zero temperatures) and the wind has been especially chilly.  I don't mind the cold, in fact I quite enjoy the excuse it gives for having a fire and bundling up, etc.  But I really don't like the wind at all.  No matter how many layers you have, a good, cold wind will wind the tiniest holes in your protective layers and freeze you to the bone!

All of that is simply a lead in to my topic for this post: cold showers.

I'm not talking about the kind of shower you need to take to "cool down" (for whatever reason you might need to do so).
I mean an actual shower that is cold.  Not the water.  The shower.

In our current house and the one we still own but are renting out, the shower was inconveniently placed in the corner of the bathroom and with at least one wall being an outside wall.  So the physical location of the shower and the tiles, etc. therein are FREEZING cold when the weather outside is cold.  It feels like the builders in both homes did not bother to put ANY insulation between the exterior wall(s) and the tiles, etc. in the shower.
It is by far the coldest spot in the entire house!

This pic has nothing to with cold showers
but it's a cool image of a frozen fountain!
If I didn't know from personal experience how difficult it is to re-do a shower, I'd totally take this one out and inject the most massive amounts of insulation that the walls could hold.  I dread taking a shower each morning because I know I'll be freezing cold (even with warm water flowing!)  It has been so bad before that I have seen the top of the tile (about 7 ft up) have "frost" on it from the steam or water-spray from my shower.  It's awful!


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