Monday, November 21, 2011

Who doesn't like a snow day ?

Here's a random picture from a "snow day" my kids had several weeks ago.  It became apparent very quickly that we are/were in need of more cold and waterproof gloves for the kids.  :)

Colorado "snow days" are the best because the sun usually comes out and coats or earmuffs become "optional" based on whether or not they will compliment your outfit (see: Brooklyn's example!)

(L-R)  Brooklyn (8), Ben (almost 10), Josh Jr (12)
Savannah (6) and Catalina (4)

You might be wondering "Where was Myra for all this fun?"

This next picture is your answer.  :)

Myra (16 months old) enjoying the fun from INSIDE !!!
And YES that IS snow on the window!  :)

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