Friday, December 2, 2011

Will you tell us when we can hug you again ?

Sometimes the directions I give my kids are absolutely stupid!

Take this evening for instance.  Karen and I were playing some Dr Mario on the Wii.  We love that game and it was a great way to pass the short time between dinner and bedtime for the kids (they were all off playing whatever kids play that sounds like fighting but really isn't).

At any rate, Savannah decided that she was going to give a "special hug" and then later added a "special kiss" for the winner of each game.  This was very cute at first but got old quickly as each game only lasted 3-5 minutes.  That's when I gave her a stupid rule ... "Savannah.  The hugging needs to stop."


What on earth was wrong with the "hugging" ?!

Anyway, Savannah is an obedient child so she sat there (with desperately-close-to-weepy eyes) as we played a few games.  After about 10 minutes, in between games, she ventured the question that is the title of this blog post.  At that very moment I realized how stupid my rule was.  Karen laughed out loud and we each enjoyed several long hugs from Savannah!

I think this is right up there in "stupidity" with the times when I raise my voice to holler at the kids "There is no yelling in this house!"  Well ... obviously there is!  You just yelled!  Or other times when I bop them on the head (not hard at all mind you) and say "We don't hit other people!"  Um ... apparently we do.

Sigh.  So stupid.


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